Shows and Programs

WOW! Science 1 – Air: An Invisible Force

Atmospheric pressure is an invisible force being that we have gases all around us. Air has incredible power to move and pull objects along with it. Let’s find out how tornadoes, vacuums and air planes do what they do? Can a small balloon fill up a larger balloon with air? How is water suspended in air to the astonishment of the audience? What is a suction cup and does suction really exist or is there something else going on? With the help of celebrity stunt balloon Melvin we perform these and more science effects with air. This presentation is a huge hit with the younger crowd also popular with ages 7 to 103.

WOW! Science 2– Pressure Heat Volcanos

This is not just your kitchen baking soda and vinegar volcano. Mark presents two of the most common volcano demonstrations like you have never seen before. We will also look at how heat is created by pressure and answer questions like what is the temperature of Lava and can we simulate lava realistically? Plate tectonics pressures beneath the earth's crust are demonstrated. Mark performs an awesome lava flying and ever flowing experience with facts about Arizona volcanos…yes we have over 600 (extinct) volcanos in Arizona and we will find out where we can visit one.

WOW! Science 3 - Magic Is Science We Don't Understand.

You see something impossible and you ask yourself is it magic? Could it be scientifically explained? Let’s look at Illusions created to trick the brain and fool your five senses. Let’s discover how they work and can we do these things at home? We present magic tricks that magicians perform on stage and expose that its science that anyone can do if you know how. We reveal the real power of magical forces that can levitate objects, suspend water in air, make things vanish, boil liquid with your mind and a magic wand that really makes things float! All these mysteries and more are demonstrated and explained for those who just have to know, “How do they do that?!”

WOW! Science 4 – Electricity: Plugs, Batteries, Power!

Demonstrating the capabilities of electricity is fun and safe when done correctly. We answer the following questions as we seek to be safe around an electric world. Can we see electricity or is it an invisible force? Is the human body an electric machine? Can we make electricity with fruits like apples, lemons or how about a Snickers bar? With cool science props we demonstrate that electricity can travel through our bodies and light an LED bulb with NO harm to any volunteer. That demonstration may shock the entire audience! Can we create a magnet with electricity? What kind of things will conduct electricity is demonstrated. What happens when a human being is struck by lightning? Also, what the new electronic science interest in graphite or “graphene” could look like in the future.

WOW! Science 5 – Gadgets, Gizmos and Gyroscopes

What did children play with 100 years ago before TV, video games and computers came along? This program starts with classic wooden gadgets, oddities and strange marvels created before electricity and video screens. Audience members try wooden handmade toys, metal tops and wacky windups that most of my audiences did not even know existed. Some children have never seen a gyroscope that seems to defy gravity right before their very eyes. The children demonstrate these simple devices working toward the highly refined gyroscopes that have amazing properties that look like magic. The BIG finish shows a large familiar gyroscopic mechanism that astonishes the audience with its ability to ignore the gravitational pull of the earth hovering several feet off the ground.

WOW! Science 6 – Centripetal Force: Spinning In Total Control!

Centripetal force is a center seeking force. Centripetal force is what keeps the moon in orbit around the earth and keeps a tetherball in play. The audience starts with gyroscopic gyrations with cups and buckets involving many different participants to the delight of the audience. Balancing a coin on a hanger while spinning it in circles is something kids can learn quickly. A balloon and a hex nut demonstrate the science that also creates a spooky sound effect. An audience member demonstrates a device that can spin a cup of water while the child dodges, turns and rotates without spilling a drop of liquid. The audience is able to do these amazing stunts when they understand the science of centripetal force!

WOW Science 7 – Balance and Pressure Distribution?

This demo is filled with tension and suspense as we test the science of pressure distribution with a bed 100 nails…AAH! No audience participants are used but an unfortunate balloon will give up the ghost for science. Audience members build and find out the key to a roman bridge’s support system still in use today. How does a 2 liter bottle of liquid balance at a 45 degree angle and not fall over? What is the most stable shape to use for building larges structures? Discovering the secret of riding a unicycle on a tight wire is all about discovering what the center of gravity is. An audience member stands on eggs (raw in the shell) without breaking them…well maybe one or two. Wow! Now that’s egg-citing science!

WOW! Science 8 – Air Powered Toys!

Science you make at home is always the best science. How to make and fly an amazing flying contraption called a Tumble Wing. How to make an air powered , hovering, vortex creating compression toys and more! We demonstrate an air pressure car made with recycled plastics. A balloon hovercraft flies across the table. Six audience members have a race with balloon rockets on a shoe string budget. This IS rocket science! We levitate a ping pong ball, a light bulb and a beach ball six feet in the air. Finishing the show we see a homemade Air-Zooka puffing ten inch smoke rings into the air flying over the audience. WOW-Zooka!!!

WOW! Science 9 - Magnets! An Invisible Repelling And Attractive Force.

Magical science with ceramic, neodymium and electro magnets is amazing and brings the audience together for some awesome fun. Mark performs several amazing magnetic magic tricks that astonish and mystify. We experiment with magnetic toys inviting the audience to participate and think creatively. What makes something magnetic or could everything be magnetic? How the earth’s magnet field protects us from the Sun’s extreme energy. Testing rocks from the back yard we see some rocks are magnetic. How do giant magnets pick up cars and make trains levitate? Can magnetic fields lift a human being? Cow magnets, horse shoe magnets, buzz magnets plus more as this show pulls in the crowd!

WOW! Science 10 - Arizona Animals: Creatures Of The Desert And Forest

Lions, Tyrannosaurus, Bears Oh My! Well, T- Rex may not be in Arizona anymore but there are over 650 species of amazing animals living and roaming the Arizona landscape. Mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and some live exclusively here in Arizona. With the audiences help Mark Carter will bring to life a few of these awesome creatures to interview them so we can discover what they do, what they eat and what they throw up.? Eeeew! This is a unique and wonderful learning experience for ages six and up.

NVRL Anthem review: "We had 49 people attend our Science on Saturday program this past Saturday and I highly recommend Mark Carter’s Animals of Arizona program. It is very interactive and informative while being great fun. The program is an hour and the kids were engaged the whole time. Mark has created customized masks that he operates while the child is wearing it. It has some really funny results and the kids learn a lot about the native species we have in Arizona."

WOW! Science 11 - Static Charges

Most people have experienced a small shock when touching a door knob or light switch in their homes. This show takes a big look at the amazing science of what is called Static electricity. Demonstrating a Plasma Globe we see that electricity is invisible and can light LED lights with no wires connected. Hand held generators create an invisible force that move objects without touching them. The audience uses small Van de Graff generators to float balloons and we show how to make a simple homemade version. We float small pie pans that levitate like flying saucers. We make objects spin and jump with touching them. A Barbie doll’s hair stands straight up all by itself. The BIG finish is a 4 foot tall Van de Graff static electricity generator performing many amazing effects for a spectacular finally. All demonstrations are 100% safe for all ages.

WOW! Science 12 - Mark Carter Science Birthday Party Celebrations

Available 12 months a year my science birthday parties are 60 to 90 minutes of awesome fun filled with segments from my science presentations that I perform at the libraries, schools and community centers. Audience members are brought up to be part of the fun and I will make sure the birthday person is included in the audience participation for many photo opportunities. Ask for Melvin the Stunt Balloon (optional) who is part of my WOW Science 1 show and is always a hit with birthday parties and a loved by any age group.

Weather permitting we could have the show outside especially since Melvin likes to makes a mess in his demonstration. My birthday show is completely flexible so if you have any requests or ideas for your event I will see what I can do to make it happen. The last thirty minutes of my 90 minute show is performed outside with Diet Coke and Mentos mints creating ten foot or higher geysers to the delight of the children and adults. I bring all the supplies for this awesome big finish!